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 The Mating Mind

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PostSubject: The Mating Mind   Wed Dec 16, 2015 12:32 pm

Since early teen-hood, I have had a seemingly insatiable sex drive. But why? This is a question I have never stopped to really think about. What did become apparent to me is that masturbating was a powerful experience that led nowhere. But because the experience is so powerful and grants me so much control, it has been the primary weapon of choice for achieving ejaculation. Because arriving at the point of having sex with a woman requires courtship, sex has become the accidental second weapon of choice, which is not what nature intended.

On this day (today), I wanted to once and for all understand why I was masturbating and what I discovered was a life-improving body of knowledge:

Masturbation is not a goal. It is a  process. What then is the goal? The goal is ejaculation. What is the purpose of ejaculation? To release sperm. What is the function of sperm? To fertilize an egg and initiate reproduction.


It became so clear that my drive to ejaculate was driven by my desire to pass on my genes. In my logical brain, this was a wild revelation because I have always been back and forth on the question of producing offspring. It became clear that nature did not intend for reproduction to be a choice. Its a need. In fact, I refused to even consider marriage as a viable thing for me because I've seen how broken marriages are in the United States. Of course, just because it hasn't worked for 55% of the population doesn't mean it wouldn't work for me. But I never saw the power of marriage through the eyes of reproduction. Now, I do. But that is for a future post.

Back to masturbation. Why is it so addictive?

As a process that is efficient in achieving the singular goal of ejaculation, it works and its easy. Maybe too easy. Visual aids enhance this process and then we become so lost in the experience that we lose sight of the purpose of the process to begin with.

With this new revelation, I feel that my brain has been re-calibrated with a function of nature that was taken from me at a young age due to the exposure of pornographic material.

I have won my freedom back, and am now excited to begin the journey of developing my mating mind.
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The Mating Mind
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